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Jump Cut

performed by Joseph Bohigian, Rob Cosgrove, Alan Hankers, and Nhi Huynh

Instrumentation: Two Vibraphones and Two Pianos

Duration: 11:00

Premiere: July 1, 2018 - Ian Antonio, Russell Greenberg, Wells Leng, and Richard An - Yarn/Wire Institute, Stony Brook, NY

Program Notes:

In Jump Cut, the four performers move through repeated phrases at independent rates, deciding in the moment how many times to repeat each one from within a given range. However, their freedom of movement through these phrases is limited by the restriction that they must always line up vertically with each other when they move on. This is complicated by the fact that the repeated phrases are of different lengths, resulting in a need to stop and wait to jump in when the start of the next phrase comes around again or cut the previous one short. The performers must negotiate this need for vertical alignment in real time as they perform the piece.

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