Joseph Bohigian

Joseph Bohigian is a composer and performer whose cross-cultural experience as an Armenian-American is a defining message in his music. His work explores the expression of exile, cultural reunification, and identity maintenance in diaspora. Joseph’s works have been heard at the Oregon Bach Festival, June in Buffalo, Walt Disney Concert Hall, New Music on the Point Festival, TENOR Conference (Melbourne), and Aram Khachaturian Museum Hall performed by the Mivos Quartet, Decibel New Music, Great Noise Ensemble, Argus Quartet, Fresno Summer Orchestra Academy, and members of Yarn/Wire and featured on NPR’s Here and Now and The California Report.


Joseph Bohigian awarded Junior Research Fellowship from the American Research Institute of the South Caucasus (ARISC) for new project on the life of Sergei Parajanov.

Stone Dreams sound installation to be presented at the International Computer Music Conference in Limerick, Ireland in July 2022.

Upcoming collaboration with the Argus Quartet, Kevork Mourad, and Rerooted Archive awarded New Music USA Creator Development Fund grant.

Armenian monastery with Mount Ararat in the background

The Water Has Found its Crack

performed by Catherine Sandstet, Heidi Schneider, Alina Tamborini, Rob Cosgrove, Kate Dreyfuss, Sophia Sun, and Tsung-Yu Tsai


This title is a reference to an anecdote shared by Turkish-Armenian journalist Hrant Dink about a French-Armenian woman who died while visiting the village of her youth in Turkey. When the question of where she should be buried arose, a man from the village responded “Let her be buried here...the water has found its crack.” It is a story of Armenians longing to be reunited with their indigenous land, not to take it but, in Dink’s words, “to come and be buried under it.”


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